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ACD/Labs innovative software packages aid the research process in a wide range of different fields of study, using a variety of analytical techniques.

All-in-One Analytical Data Handling

ACD/Spectrus Processor is an all-in-one processing and chemical characterization tool for NMR, LC/MS, IR, and other analytical techniques, which supports file formats from most major instrument vendors.

Advanced Analytical Interpretation

ACD/Spectrus Workbooks: A portfolio of technique-specific software for spectroscopists, spectrometrists, and separations scientists with advanced data processing, interpretation and information management. Workbooks provide advanced functionality for specific techniques (NMR, MS, Optical, Curve, and Chromatography) but each also includes the all-in-one capabilities of ACD/Spectrus Processor.

ACD/Stucture Elucidator: Determine the chemical structure of small molecular unknowns, impurities, and degradants using experimental 1D and 2D NMR, MS, UV-IR and Chromatography data.

Intelligent Compound Recognition: ACD/Labs software automates the process of extracting complex MS spectra and searching spectral libraries for matches to the extracted components for truly intelligent compound recognition.

Physicochemical Property Prediction

ACD/Percepta: Help students make the connection between chemical structure and function by comparing changes in molecular properties as chemical structure is altered.

ACD/Structure Design Engine: Eliminate the hit-an-miss approach to synthesis by focusing on derivative compounds and analogs with desired physicochemical properties.

Chemical Nomenclature

ACD/Name generates systematic names from chemical structures according to IUPAC nomenclature rules, and creates chemical structures from systematic, trade and trivial names, and registry numbers.

ACD/Name also offers benefits for chemical patenting and intellectual property protection, with consistent and accurate naming, clear explanations of how chemicals are named, and a searchable dictionary of over 130,000 chemical names and registry numbers.

Online Services

ACD/I-Lab provides access to systematic name generation, NMR spectra prediction, physicochemical property prediction, ADME and toxicity predictions, and online database searches by structure and substructure. Access options include pay-per-use, subscription, or have your organization become an affiliate.