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Efficient Material Analysis

Working in material analysis typically requires a multi-discipline approach involving a number of analytical techniques. Fully mastering all of these techniques is rare for a single individual, so often a team approach is used. This presents its own set of problems, from getting access to someone else's data to having the software to view all types of data.

ACD/Labs' ability to handle a variety of analytical techniques, including IR, Raman, NIR, FIR, UV-Vis, thermal analysis involving DSC and TGA, XRPD, EELS, NMR, MS, chromatography and others, makes us the software of choice for many chemical companies involved in material analysis.

ACD/Labs has the knowledge and experience to help you get started, whether it is using our professional services staff to help you set up a worldwide system with automated analysis, reporting, and web access, or finding ways to get your legacy data into a system that can be shared throughout your organization.