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Project Reporting Solutions for Contract Research and Analytical Organizations

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Contract research organizations and contract analytical laboratories offer many benefits over in-house analytical groups including specialized expertise, speed, and the assurance of quality. But until now, there has also been a hidden cost of outsourcing analytical work—the loss of organizational knowledge generated through the research process and then lost in the simple summary reports delivered to clients.

The true value of outsourced analytical work lies in the context and the tacit knowledge that goes into the interpretation of results. Give clients the knowledge they need with the added value of greater speed, lower cost, and a justifiable assurance of quality.

Provide knowledge, not just data

ACD/Labs software for analytical knowledge management handles data from multiple analytical techniques and instrument vendors so that no matter how diverse your lab, you can centralize processing and reporting on a single software platform.

The range of interpretation tools, from basic to advanced, meet the demands of your most challenging projects, helping to increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Analytical results are compiled in a secure repository along with supporting data including structures, annotations, assignments, and more; creating a searchable knowledgebase relevant to each client project.

Deliver this complete package of results and interpretation to clients, in a format that allows for further review and manipulation, and is compatible with their existing informatics systems such as LIMS, ELNs, ERPs, and other knowledge management systems.

What are the benefits?

Better Results for Your Customers

For clients to get the full benefit of contracted research and analytical services they require more than simple result summaries. Provide them with the complete knowledge package they need to advance their own projects faster.

Transparency in Quality and Assurance

No level of quality control can replace the intelligent justification of decisions based on the experience and expertise of people. Ease client concerns and protect your reputation by providing all of the knowledge relevant to each project.

Better Relationships Between Contractors and Clients

Excellent customer service and good relationships are important in today's competitive environment. A collaborative approach of knowledge sharing can become a competitive advantage helping to build better relationships by fostering loyalty and trust, and facilitating communication.