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Solutions for Improved Water Quality Management

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Water quality management presents a huge challenge in the environmental monitoring industry. Hyphenated analytical techniques, such as LC/MS and GC/MS, are commonly used in the detection and quantification of trace pollutants. Chemists are faced with the difficult task to process large volumes of data quickly to identify pollutants in complex mixtures. This is particularly true in the event of an emergency or complaint sample.

ACD/Labs aids environmental chemists in their challenge to detect and identify known and unknown compounds present in water, wastewater, and other complex matrix samples using software tools for targeted and non-targeted screening. The software provides compound identification, employs automation for greater efficiency and spectral databasing to track the presence of unidentified components.

Screening Tools for Pollutants and Knowledge Management

Automated Full Scan Analysis of Volatile Pollutants

Targeted Screening of Water Samples

Non-Targeted Analysis of Pollutants

Tracking the History of Water Quality

Screen Additional Compounds using Existing Chromatographic Methods with ACD/ChromGenius

Predict the Toxicity of Unfamiliar Compounds with ACD/Labs Percepta Predictors