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Automated Homogenization of Disparate Analytical Data

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Gain higher productivity, data integrity, and security with unified data management

Typically organizations are faced with a variety of analytical instruments from disparate hardware vendors resulting in heterogeneous software to process and analyze data, problems with data access and control, and silos of databases. This issue is compounded with international outsourcing and collaboration.

Increase data security, reduce the cost of support for heterogeneous systems, and establish a designed approach to spectroscopic and chromatographic data management so that results from one experiment can benefit scientists throughout your organization now and in the future.

A Single, Unified File Format for Analytical Data

ACD/Labs uniquely provides one file format for analytical instrument data through long-standing collaborations with hardware vendors. We are committed to expanding data file format support, and integrating with a standard file format if/when established.

Automated Data Collection and File Conversion

ACD/Labs' automated solution for homogenizing disparate analytical data into the unified Spectrus environment is the first step to realizing the benefits of searchable, re-useable, comprehensive chemical and analytical data in support of higher productivity and efficiency through collaborative science.


Optional Capabilities


Unify analytical information in a single file format, with an automated solution for data collection from banks of instruments for more efficient, collaborative science.

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