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Nomenclature for Patent Submission and Control

While international bodies such as IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) set out definitive rules and conventions for chemical nomenclature, it is still an area rife with variation. Molecular entities may be given trade, trivial, or non-systematic names; be named according to CAS Index or IUPAC rules; or be shortened to acronyms. Chemical names in published literature and patents are often inaccurate and/or ambiguous, not only making prior-art searches more difficult, but also affecting the vulnerability of new patents.

Accuracy and comprehensive coverage are two key criteria in nomenclature generation for chemical patenting. ACD/Labs' nomenclature software produces unambiguous, consistent, and accurate names for chemical entities, and provides additional tools to aid prior art searches.

Quick and Accurate Name Generation

ACD/Name is a simple, user-friendly software tool developed by nomenclature experts. ACD/Name strives to avoid ambiguity, while considering possible isomeric forms and numerous nomenclature variations. Our software focuses on providing the most accurate nomenclature (with alerts if the name is ambiguous and therefore not provided) and breadth of chemistry support.

Important Features Pertaining to IP

View the full list of features in ACD/Name.


Our full-featured drawing package ACD/ChemSketch provided with Name also handles Markush structures for representation of a family of analogs, for example.

Applications in Prior Art

As mentioned above, ACD/Name can also help in prior art searches.

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