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Open Access Laboratory Solutions

In an open-access laboratory, ease-of-use and efficiency are key considerations in workflow design. ACD/Labs software enhances chemists' efficiency through advanced analysis features and vendor neutrality—a single interface for all analytical data.

Software to Deliver Answers for Open Access Analytical Labs

ACD/Labs' solution for Open Access labs delivers LC/MS and NMR results from walk-up analytical laboratories in a single, browser-based interface.

Automated Structure Verification with ACD/Spectrus Processor

ACD/Spectrus Processor gives groups with open-access laboratories an inexpensive and easy way to provide each chemist with access to all their analytical data on their desktops in their own lab or office. Process and interpret all analytical data in one common interface, including LC/GC/UV/MS, NMR, IR, and more. The software provides assistance with routine structure verification and access to spectral databases.

Application Note: Increasing Chemist Productivity in an Open-Access Environment with ACD/Spectrus Processor

Automated Structure Verification

The ACD/Labs Automated Structure Verification System is designed for open-access laboratories, and is fully customizable to integrate with existing informatics systems within an organization. The system is designed to assist in decision-making, identify erroneous samples proactively, and to improve the overall compound quality.

LC/UV/MS Processing and Structure Confirmation

Instead of relying on simple, static reports for compound confirmation in LC/UV/MS workflows, chemists with ACD/Spectrus Processor can access the live spectral data for detailed investigation of unexpected results in a vendor-neutral application, and easily create detailed reports.

NMR Automated Processing Solutions

ACD/Labs’ automated solutions for NMR data collection and processing are invaluable tools for analytical labs that produce a high volume of experimental NMR data daily. Our software generates significant ROIs by breaking the bottleneck in data interpretation and access.