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LC/UV/MS Processing and Structure Confirmation

Add live data processing with structures to Open-Access report viewing for more confident compound confirmation

Compound confirmation and verification by LC/MS and LC/UV in today's open-access laboratories often relies on short, static reports from instrument-specific software. When investigating unexpected results, this information may not be sufficient, and more time and expertise may be needed, including that from an analytical specialist, to accomplish the task.

ACD/Spectrus Processor offers greater efficiency and flexibility to synthetic chemists using LC/UV, LC/MS, and other techniques. When working with complex or crude samples, chemists can work with the "live" data—selecting specific peaks and shoulders for detailed analysis and reviewing the corresponding mass spectra. Existing open-access system report files can also be examined.

Process data from most instruments and techniques in one common interface, regardless of vendor

With Spectrus Processor, chemists can easily process data from most instruments and techniques in one common interface, regardless of vendor. As part of multi-technique analysis, data from NMR and optical spectroscopies can also be processed and included in comprehensive reports without any additional software.



Spectrus Processor also adds versatility for chemists already processing their own data. Workflows involving multiple instrument vendors or techniques are streamlined in one software interface. Compound confirmation is also simplified, with click-and-drag assignment of structures to chromatograms and MS signals. Spectrus Processor's unique capabilities help simplify routine data analysis, with advanced tools to aid chemists in more complex situations.