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Breaking Open the Bottlenecks of NMR Analysis

ACD/Labs automated solutions for NMR data collection and processing are invaluable tools for analytical labs that produce a high volume of experimental NMR data daily. The bottleneck is always in data interpretation and access, and this is where ACD/Labs software generates large ROIs—in a snap.

With the ACD/Labs Solution for NMR Auto Processing, analytical, chemistry, and IT groups benefit from speedier workflows, while fully maintaining raw data integrity and security. Routine tasks are eliminated, making chemists more productive. Scientists appreciate the convenience of automated pre-processing and reporting, and faster results. They still have the ability to manually reprocess and report spectra as necessary, with popular software features such as multiplet report generation in accordance with a particular chosen standard. Raw data is fully preserved and can be manually reviewed and manipulated at any time by authorized scientists. Indexing of raw data becomes possible, to enhance archiving and management. Both automated and manual steps can be traced with the appropriate audit trail and time stamps.

As with all other ACD/Labs solutions, auto-processing is fully compatible with a variety of advanced manual analytical tools for expert spectroscopists and spectrometrists, for a broad array of analytical techniques. Solutions can be augmented by ACD/Labs' specialized Spectrus knowledge and sample management platform that retains analytical data interpretation, and the resulting findings, in a chemically relevant way, for use across various departments, and in future projects.

Available customization options:

Simple NMR Auto Pre-Processing—complete pre-processing, done completely in the background

Semi-Automated Processing—a combination of automated data interpretation and manual review

In addition to the Simple NMR Auto Processing, above, and in accordance with your company's business practices, manual interpretation steps may be added to the automated workflow. NMR experts might choose to personally perform manual peak analysis or structure assignment. The system is flexible to accommodate a combination of automated and manual routines, as per the customer's preference.

Automated Structure Verification—the pinnacle of automated spectral interpretation, structure assignment and verification

Our acclaimed, state of the art chemical intelligence software technology has been shown to generate substantial return on the investment and help analytical laboratories serve their organizations with unparalleled quality and efficiency. Read more about ACD/Labs Automated Structure Verification (ASV) and view relevant publications.

Part of a uniform platform for managing access to analytical laboratory results, our Automated solutions for NMR greatly increase the efficiency of NMR structure confirmation while giving spectroscopists control over the quality of interpretation results, and preserving the integrity of raw experimental data for Informatics Technology experts and for IP protection.

ACD/Labs Solution for NMR Auto Processing: Sample Presentation

ACD/Labs' Director of Business Strategy and Sales, Asia Pacific, K K Bhagchandani, presents 'Simple NMR Auto Processing' (SNAP) to his customers in this video. Watch here.

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