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Efficient Chromatographic Method Screening

The pursuit of suitable chromatographic methods often begins with screens of existing methods. Collective method evaluations are typically based on chromatographic data generated by a variety of instruments and data formats.

Relating structure-based physicochemical properties to desirable chromatographic outcomes, using previous experimental information such as minimal Peak Resolution (Rmin), can be difficult as choice of column, solvents, and experimental conditions considerably influence separations.

ACD/Labs Chromatographic Methods Database Solution builds a library of separation methods from experimental runs and stores information relating to column chemistries, solvent compatibilities, and experimental conditions. The system facilitates customized screening of methods with flexible search capabilities for a wide array of chemical and structural information to help chromatographers quickly identify the best candidate method.

Automated Chromatographic Data Collection

Facilitate the collection of separation data and experimental conditions from multiple chromatographic data systems (CDSs) with automated routines.

Customized Screening Approaches

Structure and chemical-based queries leverage past experimental knowledge, using similarity-based comparisons, to provide a comprehensive examination of suitable chromatographic methods.

Ranked Chromatographic Information

Easily identify suitable methods from a ranked list of chromatograms to find appropriate columns, mobile phase solvents and buffers, and conditions.