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Unified Laboratory Intelligence & Decision Support

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Unified Laboratory Intelligence & Decision Support

Unified Laboratory Intelligence (ULI) is a technology framework to collect and unify chemical, structural, and analytical data that enables scientists to search, retrieve, and reapply 'live' data throughout the research and development process. As a result, they can make better decisions about chemical identification, characterization, and optimization; accelerate development; and reduce cost.

As part of a corporate R&D strategy, ULI can improve overall scientific productivity and substantially increase returns in life science (pharmaceutical, agrochemical, food and beverage, and personal care products), chemical, energy, consumer, industrial, and technology industries.

Manage Unified Information

For more than a decade ACD/Labs has partnered with instrument vendors to create a multi-technique, vendor agnostic analytical data handling platform (ACD/Spectrus). Raw or processed data from different instruments and software in an analytical laboratory is unified as structured, live data with its chemical context.

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Generate Knowledge from Information

ACD/Labs' software applications offer scientists advanced algorithmic tools and dynamic visualization to aid the analysis and interpretation of data, and the ability to include context with stored data. We store live analytical data with its human interpretation—turning passive information into immediately useful chemical awareness about structures, reactions, mixtures, and schemas. Chemical data (such as predicted physicochemical and ADMET properties, nomenclature, various experimental results, biological data, and metadata) can be added to expand this collaborative searchable knowledgebase to assist decision-making for current and future projects.

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Create Intelligence by Capturing the Intrinsic Value of Research

The true value of research lies in capturing the knowledge gained by scientists during the course of their day-to-day work, and the resulting decisions. In enabling this knowledge to be stored, searched, and retrieved, in context, in a live instantly re-usable format, ACD/Labs helps create intelligence that can be leveraged to answer new questions in future projects, or by colleagues throughout an organization.

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