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LabManager: Analyzing and Interpreting Mass Spectral Data
May 07, 2015
R. Muenz (LabManager)
Doug Kiehl, principal research scientist at Eli Lilly, discusses the value ACD/Labs technology brings to his company.
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Resuscitating Dead Data with Unified Laboratory Intelligence
Jul 12, 2013
R. Sasaki
A recent survey from the International Data Corporation (IDC) suggests that knowledge workers spend 15-35% of their time searching for information. A previous study by the same firm estimated that an enterprise with 1,000 knowledge workers loses a minimum of $6 million a year in the time workers spend searching for, and not finding, needed information.1 These types of issues are very relevant in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In these environments, many laboratory experiments represent expensive, time-consuming repeats of previous experiments, simply because the data cannot be found or, if found, cannot be re-used. This major inefficiency that can significantly increase the time and cost of chemical R&D can be referred to as the traditional one-and-done data life cycle.
BioScience Technology, July 2013

Creating Intelligence to Gain Insight
Jun 27, 2013
R. Sasaki
With the ULI intelligence-from-information live cycle, organizations can benefit from the one-to-many relationships between the data and scientist interaction (left). Currently the one-and-done chemical data life cycle dominates laboratory environments based on large amounts of dead data.
Drug Discovery & Development, June 2013

Bridging the Gap from Information to Intelligence
Jun 15, 2013
R. Sasaki
A new category of R&D informatics solutions is helping scientists better extract and leverage knowledge from generated data.
Lab Outlook, June 2013, pp. 9-11

The Data Dilemma
Jun 15, 2013
B. Harlen (Scientific Computing World)
Beth Harlen reports on the challenges of laboratory data integration.
Scientific Computing World, June/July 2013 (Subscription Required)

R&D Workflows: What is in the Pipeline
Apr 15, 2013
B. Brynko
Researchers today are working with a new set of digital tools in their quest for innovation. R&D is no longer just an abbreviation for research and development; R&D also stands for the process of "reach and discovery" in an information-rich environment, where volume and mass describe Big Data and where successful product rollouts involve more integration, implementation, and collaboration than ever before. Many of today's R&D labs are cloud-based platforms with web access to drive users to highly relevant content that serves a global scientific community Streamlining these R&D workflows not only promotes faster access to that critical content but more collaboration among researchers worldwide. Researchers want to work with one interface that has easy access to software services, web applications, and Web services, without toggling back and forth between disparate software applications.
Information Today, April 2013

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