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Applying Unified Laboratory Intelligence Informatics Principles to Formulated Products R&D

Deformulate, Characterize, Understand, and Reformulate Component Mixtures in Less Time with Greater Confidence

Capital investment in equipment to generate various forms of analytical data (and associated costs) is a key area of expenditure in formulated products R&D. Over-reliance on individual memories and paper summaries of instrument data has rapidly become an insufficient and inappropriate approach to knowledge retention. Furthermore, existing systems are ineffective at capturing the knowledge associated with data analysis for future use, limiting the return on investment of analytical experiments.

This white paper discusses how a new technological approach can help effectively capture, retrieve, and re-analyze knowledge gained from analytical data generation in formulated products R&D.

Read how to:

  • Capture knowledge associated with data analysis and problem-solving for future through an effective informatics framework
  • Reduce duplication of effort where the same problems are solved over and over again
  • Retain valuable intellectual property
  • Deliver better ROI on investments in analytical instrumentation and analytical data generation

Intended Audience

Business leads, IT professionals, and R&D executives and managers from:
Flavor & Fragrance
Petrochemicals Consumer Products
Food & Beverage

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