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Advanced algorithms and high-speed computation can transform information into knowledge to guide more efficient and effective experimentation, aggregate information from experiments to predict responses under a variety of conditions, and develop optimal methods to produce a desired outcome.

Generation of knowledge from information is one of the cornerstones of unified laboratory intelligence (ULI). The knowledge generated through data-driven discovery can increase the probability of technical success and simultaneously decrease the cycle time and cost of research and development.

Applications on the ACD/Spectrus platform combine advanced algorithmic tools with dynamic visualization and unified chemical, structural, and analytical information to deliver comprehensive analysis and interpretation that transform raw/processed analytical information into knowledge. Information is further enriched by the inclusion of expert human interpretation with 'live' data that enable easy re-use throughout the research and development process.

Tools on the Percepta platform similarly use advanced algorithmic tools and dynamic visualization to provide knowledge about structure-property relationships. Experimental data can also be leveraged to enhance model applicability and accuracy.

In both environments, knowledge gained from software can be used to accelerate decision-making and offer greater confidence to move projects forward faster.

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