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Integrate with Existing Business Systems

Our solutions augment existing business systems such as electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs), laboratory management informatics systems (LIMS), registries, and data archives with fully interpreted live chemical, spectral, and chromatographic data. These existing systems can be populated with our industry-leading property predictions and chemical nomenclature, expanding their content to enhance and support existing workflows.

Legacy data from these discrete systems can also be explored by a variety of structure, spectral, and text-based searches to answer questions in real time, making them truly re-useable resources.

Integration with third-party tools allows the capabilities of the Spectrus platform to be extended beyond ACD/Labs applications so that organizational intelligence can be leveraged to help scientists gain insights, predict outcomes, and make better decisions. In turn, the organization benefits from accelerated R&D, and reduced cost.

Use Out-of-the-Box, or Customize

ACD/Labs has been helping scientists meet the challenges of their work for almost two decades. Our knowledge management tools grew from building solutions to meet the needs of scientists in various industries including pharmaceutical/biotech, CROs, flavors and fragrances companies, food and beverage, agrochemical, and more. An intimate understanding of scientific workflows and the business needs of organizations allow us to offer out-of-the-box solutions that can be automated and re-configured/customized to fulfill your requirements.

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