Heterocyclic Spiro Compounds

Rule B-10. Compounds: Method 1

10.1 - Heterocyclic spiro compounds containing single-ring units only may be named by prefixing "a" terms (see Table B-I) to the names of the spiro hydrocarbons formed according to Rules A-41.1, A-41.2, A-41.3 and A-41.6. The numbering of the spiro hydrocarbon is retained and the hetero atoms as in Rule B-4 are given as low numbers as are consistent with the fixed numbering of the ring. When there is a choice, hetero atoms are given lower numbers than double bonds.

Examples to Rule B-10.1


6,8-Diazoniadispiro[]hexadecane dichloride

10.2 - If at least one component of a mono- or poly-spiro compound is a fused polycyclic system, the spiro compound is named according to Rule A-41.4 or A-41.7, giving the spiro atom as low a number as possible consistent with the fixed numberings of the component systems.

Examples to Rule B-10.2



See Recommendations'93 R-2.4.3

Compounds: Method 2


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