Heterocyclic Spiro Compounds

Rule B-12. Radicals

12.1 - Radicals derived from heterocyclic spiro compounds named by Rule B-10.1 are named according to the principles set forth in Rules A-11 and B-5.21. Radicals derived from other heterocyclic spiro compounds are named by adding "-yl", "-diyl", etc., to the name of the spiro compound (with elision of final "e", if present, before a vowel). The numbering of the spiro compound is retained and the point or points of attachment are given numbers as low as is consistent with any fixed numbering of the heterocyclic spiro compound.

Examples to Rule B-12.1


(cf. Rule B-10.1)

or Cyclohexanespiro-2'-(tetrahydrofuran)-5'-yl

(cf. Rule B-11.1)



See Recommendations'93 R-2.5


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