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Parent Hydrides

R-2.2.3 Heterogeneous hydrides

R- Heterogeneous hydrides consisting of chains containing carbon atom and several heteroatoms, alike or different, and terminating with carbon may be named by replacement nomenclature (see R-1.2.2).

Example to R-

R- Compounds containing an unbranched chain of alternating atom terminated by two identical atoms of the element coming later in Table 3 (see R- may be named by citing successively a multiplying prefix denoting the number of atoms of the terminating element followed by the "a" term of that element (see R-9.3), then the "a" term of the other element of the chain and the ending "-ane". The terminal letter "a" of an "a" term is elided when followed by a vowel; the terminal vowel of a numerical prefix is not elided even when the "a" term begins with the same vowel.

Examples to R-

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