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Guide to Name Construction

R-4.0 Introduction

In this Section, principles regarding name construction are presented. It is recognized that in chemical discussions it may sometimes be convenient to depart from rigorous rules in order to provide a name more appropriate to the chemical intent or to avoid obscuring an important feature. However, such deviations should not be allowed without good reason, and names so derived are not recommended for general use.

The application of the general principles discussed in Section R-4 will not necessarily lead to a unique name but the name obtained should be unambiguous. Recommendations leading to a unique preferred name when followed closely are in preparation and will be contained in a separate publication. The latter goal is not necessarily the aim of a practising chemist who wants to communicate with his colleagues in familiar, well understood terms, but it may be appropriate to those who chemical names in legislative documents, or for indexing and retrieval.

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R-4.1 General Principles
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