Thiocarboxylic Acids and Thiocarbonic Acid Derivatives

Rule C-541

541.1 - Replacement of oxygen of a carboxyl group by sulfur is indicated in the name of the acid by a change of "-oic" to "-thioic" or "-dithioic", of "-carboxylic" to "-carbothioic" or "-carbodithioic", or of "carboxy-" to "thiocarboxy-" or "dithiocarboxy-"; or, when a group having priority for citation as principal group is also present, the groups HO-SC- and HS-CO-, are named by the prefixes "hydroxy(thiocarbonyl)-" and "mercaptocarbonyl-", respectively. The generic name "thiocarboxylic acid" is retained. When it is not desired to indicate whether the acid hydrogen atom of a monothio acid should be attached to oxygen or to sulfur, this is indicated by , the two forms may be differentiated by use of the words "S-acid" for the form -C(=O)-SH and "O-acid" for the form -C(=S)-OH.

Examples to Rule C-541.1

541.2 - In simple instances the names of sulfur-containing acids, obtained by prefixing "thio-" or "dithio-" to the trivial or semitrivial name of the analogous carboxylic acid, are retained.

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See Recommendations'93 R-

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