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Thiocarboxylic Acids, etc.

Rule C-543

543.1 - Esters of thiocarboxylic acids are named analogously to the salts of these acids (see preceding rule). An S- or O- prefix is used when necessary.

Examples to Rule C-543.1

543.2 - When a group having priority for citation as principal group is also present, ester groups RO-CS-, RS-CO-, and RS-CS- are named by use of prefixes "alkoxythiocarbonyl-", "(alkylthio)carbonyl-", and "(alkylthio)thiocarbonyl-", respectively, "aryloxythiocarbonyl-", etc.

Examples to Rule C-543.2

543.3 - For monothio acids whose names end in "-thioic acid" or "-carbothioic acid" (see Rule C-541.1), radicals formed by loss of the hydroxyl group are named by changing these endings to "-thioyl" and "-carbothioyl", respectively. For naming of amides and similar derivatives (for example, hydrazides) of such acids these endings are changed to "-thioamide" and "-carbothioamide", respectively.

Examples to Rule C-543.3

Note: Names of the type cyclohexanecarbothioyl are used in radicofunctional nomenclature, and those of the type cyclohexyl(thiocarbonyl) for substituents, paralleling the usages for cyclohexanecarbonyl and cyclohexylcarbonyl set out in the Note to Rule C-403.2. However, see also Rule C-545.1.

543.4 - For monothio acids that are named in accordance with Rule C-541.2, the names of derivatives in which the hydroxyl group has been replaced are formed by adding the prefix "thio-" to those of the sulfur-free analogues.

Examples to Rule C-543.4

543.5 - Anhydrides of thio acids are named in the same way as their oxygen analogues (see Subsection C-4.9), with the use of "thio-" prefixes as illustrated in Table XI; the sulfur linkage in Acyl-S-Acyl is denoted by "thioanhydride".

Examples to Rule C-543.5

See Recommendations'93 R-

Thiocarboxylic Acids and Thiocarbonic Acid Derivatives Rule C-544, Rule C-545, Rule C-546 , Rule C-547, Rule C-548
Sulfonium Compounds Rule C-551

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