Exceptional Characteristic Groups

Rule C-11.2 Derivatives and Radicals from Carboxylic Acids

11.21 - The two methods described in Rule C-11.1 apply to all derivatives of aliphatic acids and to acyl radicals; choice is made between endings such as CONH2 -amide or -carboxamide, -CO-NH-NH2 -ohydrazide or -carbohydrazide, -COCl -oyl chloride or -carbonyl chloride, -COOR (for esters)-oate or -carboxylate, etc., and for radicals R-CO- -oyl or -carbonyl. For further details (including numbering) see the individual rules for each class of compound.

Examples to RuleC-11.21

(cf. Note to Rule C-403.2)

Aldehydes and Nitriles


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