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Sulfur Acids and their Derivatives in which Sulfur is Linked Only Through Nitrogen or Through Nitrogen and Oxygen to the Organic Radical Rule C-661

661.1 - N-Substituted amides of sulfur acids listed in the table pertaining to Rule 5.214 of the I.U.P.A.C. Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry, 1970 (p. 32) , are designated as N-derivatives of the sulfur amides, these amides being named as described in the inorganic Rule 5.34.

Examples to Rule C-661.1

(but see also Rule C-661.2)

(but see also Rule C-661.3)

661.2 (Alternative to part of Rule C-661.1) - Compounds R-NH-SO3H and may be named as N-substituted sulfamic acids, or by means of a prefix "sulfoamino-" to denote the group HO3S-NH-.

Examples to Rule C-661.2

(see also Rule C-661.1)

661.3 (Alternative to part of Rule C-661.1) - (a) Compounds , , and where may be H, may be named as assemblies of identical units (see Subsection C-0.7), by use of the prefix "thio-" for >S (Rule C-514.1) or "sulfinyl-" for >SO or "sulfonyl-" for >SO2 (Rule C-631.2). (b) Compounds may be named as substitution products of sulfamide, SO2(NH2)2. (c) If or is phenyl, "aniline" replaces "phenylamine", and "anilide" replaces "phenylamide" in the resulting names. Prefixes N and N' are used for clarity when required.

Examples to Rule C-661.3

661.4 - Names of esters, salts, and other derivatives of amides of sulfur acids are derived by altering the ending of the names given in the preceding rule in the ways described in Rule C-651.

Example to Rule C-661.4

661.5 - Compounds containing, formally, a group -N=SO or -N=SO2 are named as sulfinylamines or sulfonylamines, respectively.

Examples to Rule C-661.5

661.6 - The following trivial names for parent compounds are retained:

Examples to Rule C-661.6

See Recommendations'93 R-5.7.8, Table 14

Sulfur Acids and Their Derivatives in which Sulfur is Linked Only Through Nitrogen or Through Nitrogen and Oxygen to the Organic Radical Rule C-662
Sultones and Sultams Rule C-671

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