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Sulfoxides, Sulfones, and Sulfur Acids

Sulfoxides and Sulfones Rule C-631

631.1 - Compounds and are named "sulfoxides" and "sulfones", respectively. Specific names are formed by placing the names of the radicals and (in alphabetical order) before "sulfoxide" or "sulfone". Alternatively compounds and may be named from the radical R1 followed by "sulfinyl-" or "-sulfonyl-" and the name of the parent compound corresponding to , where is senior to .

Note: In the latter type of nomenclature the groups and are named as acyl radicals substituted into a molecule , and thus names of the type phenylsulfonyl, phenylsulfinyl, etc., are used. However, in radicofunctional nomenclature names of the type benzenesulfonyl, benzenesulfinyl, etc., are used (see Rule C-641.7; and compare Rule C-543.3). This difference parallels that for cyclohexanecarbonyl and cyclohexylcarbonyl (see Note to Rule C-403.2) and it applies also to derived radicals such as benzenesulfonimidoyl or phenylsulfonimidoyl, etc. (Rule C-642.4).

Examples to Rule C-631.1

631.2 - The prefixes "sulfinyl-" and "sulfonyl-" are used for the bivalent groups >SO and >SO2, respectively, in conjunction with the nomenclature of assemblies of identical units (see Subsection C-0.7), when substituents are also present that have priority over these groups for citation as principal group.

Examples to Rule C-631.2

631.3 - When an >SO or >SO2 group is incorporated in a ring the compound is named as an oxide.

Examples to Rule C-631.3

See Recommendations'93 R-5.5.7

Sulfoxides and Sulfones Rule C-632, Rule C-633
Sulfur Acids and Their Derivatives Containing Sulfur Directly Linked to an Organic Radical Rule C-641, Rule C-642, Rule C-643
Sulfur Acids and Their Derivatives in which Sulfur is Linked Only Through Oxygen to the Organic Radical Rule C-651
Sulfur Acids and Their Derivatives in which Sulfur is Linked Only Through Nitrogen or Through Nitrogen and Oxygen to the Organic Radical Rule C-661, Rule C-662
Sultones and Sultams Rule C-671

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