Table C-I Characteristic Groups Cited Only as Substitutive Nomenclature

Prefix Cf. Rule
-Br Bromo C-102.1
-Cl Chloro C-102.1
-ClO Chlorosyl C-106.2
-ClO2 Chloryl C-106.2
-ClO3 Perchloryl C-106.2
-F Fluoro C-102.1
-I Iodo C-102.1
-IO Iodosyl C-106.1
-IO2 Iodyl (replacing iodoxy) C-106.1
-I(OH)2 Dihydroxyiodo C-106.3
-IX2 X may be halogen or a radical,
and the prefix names are dihalogenoiodo, etc.,
or, for radicals, patterned on diacetoxyiodo
=N2 Diazo C-931.4
-N3 Azido C-941.1
-NO Nitroso C-851.1
-NO2 Nitro C-852.1
=N(O)OH aci-Nitro C-852.2
-OR R-oxy C-205.1
-SR R-thio (similarly R-seleno and R-telluro) C-514.1

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