Additive Nomenclature

Rule C-32

32.1 - The prefix "hydro-", to denote added hydrogen atoms, is the only case where addition is expressed by a prefix; its use is described in Rules A-23.1, B-1.1, B-1.2 and C-16, but is extended also to trivial names.

Examples to Rule C-32.1

In spite of precedent it is better, even when devising trivial names for a series of naturally occurring or other related products, to choose as parent either the fully saturated compound or one with the maximum number of non-cumulative double bonds, so that "ene" syllables or "hydro" prefixes can be used with their normal connotation.

See Recommendations'93 R-1.2.3

Additive Nomenclature
Rule C-33
Rule C-34


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