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Rule D-1.5 Additive Nomenclature

1.51 - Additive nomenclature involves naming atoms added to the structure denoted by the rest of the name. This may be done in two ways:

(a) by adding a prefix "hydro-" to the parent name (Rule C-32),
(b) by adding a functional class name after the parent name (Rule C-33).

For the nomenclature of addition compounds, see Rule D-1.55.

1.52 - The prefix "hydro-" is used as described in Rules A-23.1, B-1.1, B-1.2, C-16 and C-32.1 as denoting the addition of one hydrogen atom. Multiplying prefixes are used as needed.

Example to Rule D-1.52


1.53 - Bonding numbers higher than those listed in Rule D-1.61 may be indicated by hydro prefixes; however, the designation given by Rule D-1.62 is preferred.

Examples to Rule D-1.53



1.54 - Important functional class names involved in additive nomenclature are:

Class name Added atom or group
Oxide O
Sulfide S
Selenide Se
Telluride Te
Imide NH

Examples to Rule D-1.54

Trimethylarsine sulfide

Triphenylarsine oxide

Trimethylphosphine ethylimide

1.55 - The names of addition compounds are formed by citing those of the individual compounds, separated by a rule (long hyphen). Boron compounds and water are always cited last and in that order. Other molecules are cited in order of increasing number; any which occur in equal numbers are cited in alphabetical order. The numbers of each individual molecule are indicated by Arabic numerals separated by a solidus, the total expression being enclosed in parentheses.

Examples to Rule D-1.55

Aluminium chloride - ethanol (1/4)

Methanol - boron trifluoride (2/1)

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