Thiols and Related Compounds

Polysulfides Rule C-515

515.1 - Disulfides, trisulfides, etc., and polysulfides are named analogously to sulfides, except that "di-", "tri-", or "poly-sulfide" replaces "sulfide", and that "di-", "tri-", or "poly-thio-" replaces "thio-".

Examples to Rule C-515.1

515.2 - When a compound contains a straight chain of bivalent sulfur atoms and it is desired to stress that fact, the compound may be named substitutively as a derivative of "disulfane" (HS-SH), "trisulfane" (HS-S-SH), "tetrasulfane" (HS-S-S-SH), . . . or "polysulfane" (H-[S]n-H). All substituents (including those which in substitutive nomenclature would be principal groups) are named as prefixes. Radicals RS-S-, RS-S-S-, . . . R-[S]n- are named by adding "-yl" to the name of the corresponding sulfane, with elision of terminal "e".

Examples to Rule C-515.2

515.3 - The bivalent radicals -S-S-, -S-S-S- . . . -[S]n- are named "dithio-", "trithio-" . . . "polythio-" or "disulfanediyl-", "trisulfanediyl" . . . "polysulfanediyl", respectively, in the naming of assemblies of identical units (see Rule C-72.1).

Example to Rule C-515.3

515.4 - The prefixes "epidithio-" and "epitrithio-" are used to indicate bridges consisting of two or three sulfur atoms, respectively, across rings.

Example to Rule C-515.4

See Recommendations'93 R-

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