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Sulfur Halides, Sulfoxides, Sulfones, and Sulfur Acids and Their Derivatives

C-6.1. Introduction

611 - Among thio acids of sulfur, that is, those with empirical formulae R-S2H, R-S2OH, R-S3H, R-S2O2H, R-S3OH, and R-S4H and their derivatives, it sometimes occurs that well-characterized compounds exist for which the structure is not known with certainty. The present I.U.P.A.C. rules for the nomenclature of organic chemistry refer only to compounds of known structure. The names described, including those for thio acids of sulfur, refer always to the structures displayed in formulae or described in words. If a compound is shown to have a structure different from that specified by the name usually assigned to it, then that name should be changed to one specifying that new structure. For instance, in a compound C6H13-S3-OCH3, where the bonding is not to be closely specified, the compound will be called O-methyl hexanedithiosulfonate (Rule C-641.1); if it be later shown to have the structure its name should be 1-hexyl-3-methoxytrisulfane (Rule C-515.2).

612 - In some formulae in Subsection C-6, oxygen or sulfur atoms, or NH or NR groups, are shown as united to sulfur without bonds or in parentheses. This is a purely formal device designed to avoid specifying a particular electronic structure of the bond when this structure is open to dispute.

Examples to Rule C-612

Organosulfur Halides Rule C-621
Sulfoxides and Sulfones Rule C-631, Rule C-632, Rule C-633
Sulfur Acids and Their Derivatives Containing Sulfur Directly Linked to an Organic Radical Rule C-641, Rule C-642, Rule C-643
Sulfur Acids and Their Derivatives in which Sulfur is Linked Only Through Oxygen to the Organic Radical Rule C-651
Sulfur Acids and Their Derivatives in which Sulfur is Linked Only Through Nitrogen or Through Nitrogen and Oxygen to the Organic Radical Rule C-661, Rule C-662
Sultones and Sultams Rule C-671

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