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TABLE C-III Suffixes and Prefixes Used for Some Important Groups in Substitutive Nomenclature

Class Formula Prefix Suffix Cf. Rule
Cations -onio -onium C-82
-onia -onium B-6
Carboxylic -COOH Carboxy -carboxylic acid C-401
acid -(C)OOH - -oic acid
Sulfonic acid -SO3H Sulfo -sulfonic acid C-641
Salts -COOM - Metal...carboxylate C-461
-COOR - Metal...oate
Esters -COOR R-oxycarbonyl R...carboxylate C-463
-(C)OOR - R...oate
Acid halides -CO-Halogen Haloformil -carbonyl halide C-481
-(C)O-Halogen - -oyl halide
Amides -CO-NH2 Carbamoyl -carboxamide C-821
-(C)O-NH2 - -amide C-822
Amidines -C(=NH)-NH2 Amidino -carboxamidine C-951
-(C)(=NH)-NH2 - -amidine
Nitriles -CN Cyano -carbonitrile C-832
-(C)N - -nitrile
Aldehydes -CHO Formyl -carbaldehyde C-301
-(C)HO Oxo -al C-301
Ketones >(C)=O Oxo -one C-311
Alcohols -OH Hydroxy -ol C-201
Phenols -OH Hydroxy -ol C-202
Thiols -SH Mercapto -thiol C-511
-O-OH Hydroperoxy - C-218
Amines -NH2 Amino -amine C-812
Imines =NH Imino -imine C-815
Ethers -OR R-oxy - C-211
Sulfides -SR R-thio - C-514
Peroxides -O-OR R-dioxy - C-218

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