Thiols and Related Compounds

Thiols Rule C-511

511.1 - Compounds containing -SH as the principal group directly attached to carbon are named "thiols". In substitutive nomenclature their names are formed by adding "-thiol" as a suffix to the name of the parent compound. When -SH is not the principal group, the prefix "mercapto-" is placed before the name of the parent compound to denote an unsubstituted -SH group. Conjunctive names are formed in accordance with the rules of Subsection C-0.5.

Note: "Thiol" is not to be confused with "thiole" which denotes a five-membered ring embodying one sulfur atom (see Rule B-1).

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511.2 - The use of "thio-" prefixed to the trivial name of a phenol, indicating replacement of the hydroxylic oxygen by sulfur, may be continued in simple instances, but the nomenclature of Rule C-511.1 is preferred.

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511.3 - Salts of thiols are named analogously to salts of hydroxy compounds (see Rule C-206), with "thiolate" in place of "olate", or "sulfide" in place of "oxide".

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511.4 - When "mercapto-" is used as a prefix in the name of a thiol the salts of the latter are named by use of the prefix "sulfido-" for

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511.5 - When radicofunctional nomenclature is used for a compound RSH, the name of the radical R is followed by the functional class name hydrosulfide.

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See Recommendations'93 R-

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