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ACD/Labs Manual Product Activation

Please follow the steps below to manually activate your ACD/Labs software license.

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  1. Launch the ACD/Labs Licensing tool (REGISTER.EXE) by clicking Start → All Programs → ACD/Labs → Licensing → Register.
  2. Once the ACD/Labs registration window is shown, click on the Activation or Activate button (if you are running Release 2012 or later).
  3. If you are running Release 2012 or later, click on Yes when prompted with the dialog box below

  4. Click on the Ask for Activation button.
  5. The window that pops up will contain an automatically-generated message. Click on the Send E-Mail button to send this message to ACD/Labs using your default email program.
  6. Alternatively, you can also copy the contents of this message and paste it into an email addressed to if you are activating Release 2012 or later, or if you are activating Version 12 or older, or a license for the Linux platform. This is recommended if there is no default email application configured on your computer.

  7. After sending the message containing the Activation Request Key, you will receive a reply containing the Activation Response Key.
  8. Repeat Step 1.
  9. Repeat Step 2.
  10. This time, click on the Activate Keys or Activate... button (if you are running Release 2012 or later).
  11. Copy and paste the Activation Response Key from the message sent back to you by ACD/Labs into the opened form and click OK.
  12. Your license is now activated.

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