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Winter 2023

Check out our upcoming symposium on the East Coast, as well as educational articles and videos on the latest trends in the chemical sciences.

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  • ACD/Labs Symposium in New Jersey
  • Webinar: How to Overcome the Challenges of Analytical Data Management
  • eBook: Accelerate Your Forced Degradation Studies
  • Video on Demand: What’s that Peak? Structure Elucidation & Verification Virtual Symposium
  • Upcoming Conferences and Tradeshows
  • Podcast: The Analytical Wavelength—Season 3

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Fall 2022

Check out these upcoming events and resources, including presentations from top pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Merck, and Sanofi.

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  • Online Event: What’s that Peak? Structure Elucidation & Verification Virtual Symposium
  • Webinar: How Pfizer is Using Luminata to Support Pharmaceutical Development
  • Video on Demand: Power of Chromatographic Modeling for Small and Large Molecules
  • ACD/Labs Joins the Tetra Partner Network
  • Podcast: The Analytical Wavelength—Season 3

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Spring 2022

Spring is here, which means summer is just around the corner. What has ACD/Labs been up to? Here are some highlights of recent news and upcoming events.

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  • Webinar: The Secrets to Getting More Out of Your Chemical Drawing Software
  • Just Announced: Browser-Based LC/UV/MS and GC/MS Data Processing is Coming This Fall
  • Videos on Demand: Succeed in Your Analytical Data Management Strategy
  • Upcoming Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Podcast: The Analytical Wavelength—Season 2
  • ACD/Labs Website Update

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Winter 2022

Welcome to 2022! The year has begun on a busy note with multiple online events planned for the coming months. Even if we aren’t attending many in-person events yet, we welcome the opportunity to connect with you all.

We look forward to seeing you online (or maybe in-person) really soon!

Read more about:

  • Online Event: Impurities & Contaminants Virtual Symposium
  • Webinar: Make the Most of Your LC Optimization Software with Traditional and Creative Approaches
  • Survey: Managing Analytical Chemistry Data
  • Application Note: Eliminating the Logistical Challenges of NMR Data Processing with Browser-Based Software
  • Case Study: Real Results from Bridging Gaps in Data Management

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