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Digitalize. Deliver results faster and share knowledge more easily. Use software already deployed by your competitors, partners, and clients.

Deliver Your Data and Expertise More Efficiently

You turn your expertise and assets into knowledge and resources for your sponsors and clients. Our software helps you deliver that work product, no matter what industry or R&D sector you serve—analytical services/QC, method development, pre-formulation/formulation development, stability studies, chemistry scale-up, or pre-clinical and/or clinical material supply.

For over 25 years, we’ve been helping scientists:
  • Deliver quality results on time
  • Preserve, share, and leverage knowledge
  • Assure efficient data transfer and data integrity through digitalization

Our software is deployed at 45 of the world’s top 50 pharma/biopharma organizations. Your clients may already be working with us to process and manage their data and predict molecular behavior. We help them automate their analytical workflows through integrations with all major vendor instruments and existing informatics technologies (LIMS, ERPs, ELNs, and other knowledge management systems).

Work with us to create a common environment with your clients and transfer your results seamlessly. We’ll help you digitize your analytical and chemical data so you can differentiate yourself by sharing results in a format sponsors can instantly review and interrogate.

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Make molecules that matter

Evaluate the real-world behavior of chemical entities with our industry-leading property prediction software. Focus synthetic efforts on molecules likely to exhibit the performance you need. You can also use the software to design compound libraries with desired property profiles.

Our physicochemical predictions (pKa, logP, logD, solubility, etc.) are used by synthetic chemistry teams all over the world.

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Synthetic chemistry

High-throughput experimentation

Metabolite identification

Accelerate decisions from analytical data

Use our software for structure verification and characterization. Whether you provide analytical services to users or use analytical data yourself to make critical decisions, you’ll get results faster than ever.

  • Handle analytical data (LC/MS, GC/MS, NMR, Raman, IR, UV/vis, and more) from all major instrument vendors in one place
  • Analyze data with expert tools—integrate, quantitate, deformulate, verify spectrum-structure consistency, and elucidate structures
  • Automate for greater efficiency

Method Development & Optimization

Develop and optimize chromatographic methods faster with in silico screening. Find the best starting point by quickly predicting physicochemical properties (e.g., pKa, logD) and screening solvents and columns. Select the best separation conditions with multi-dimensional optimization.

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Structure identification and verification

Method development and optimization

Provide clients with results and everything they need to understand them

Don’t let your expertise get lost in translation. Preserve the knowledge you generate and show the work behind your results, with no extra effort.

  • Deliver transparency through interpreted analytical results that clients can interrogate, not abstracted tables and images of data
  • Connect results to raw data, structures, and experimental parameters for complete context
  • Record route optimization information and track batch provenance along with connected analytical data for complete IP transfer

Be prepared to answer questions with all the data organized, searchable, and at your fingertips. You can also leverage the knowledge internally to innovate and create a competitive advantage.

Share Results from a Secure Knowledge Base

Data security is important to you and your clients. Ensure complete data transfer while safeguarding proprietary information.

  • Create a searchable database for each client project
  • Secure repositories with access control
Customer Reviews
“At Onyx we have been using ACD/Labs' NMR processing software for the past 15 years and have always found it very user friendly, providing good quality spectra that can be presented in a clear manner that our customers appreciate.”

Christopher Gill
Onyx Scientific

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