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Science at Your Fingertips With Software Designed for R&D Your R&D Deserves Scientific Software That Will Provide Insights, Increase Collaboration, Improve Efficiency, and Help You Innovate Faster

Our software delivers

Vendor-agnostic, multi-technique analytical data handling

Dependable in silico predictions

Data-driven decision support

Dynamic visualization

Chemical intelligence

Contextual knowledge management

Enterprise-level automation


It’s Time for Your Software to Support Your Science

Scientific research has unique software needs, but R&D teams often find themselves contriving in-house solutions or making do with software that doesn’t think like a chemist.

ACD/Labs software is designed with scientific tasks and workflows in mind, so you can…
  • Communicate Your Science
  • Streamline & Automate Complex Workflows
  • Understand Molecular Behavior
  • Support Decision-Making in HTE & CMC
  • Extract Answers From Analytical Data
  • Share Knowledge & Enhance Collaboration

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Our Technologies & Services Help You in Ways Other Systems Cannot

Spectrus goes beyond conventional informatics tools by speaking the language of analytical data

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We partner with many hardware and software manufacturers to deliver seamless integrations

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Need a customized touch? We provide tailor-made solutions and consult on digital transformation projects

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Looking For a Structure Drawing Software to Support Your Studies?

We provide ChemSketch Freeware, free of charge, for personal and educational use.

Our Company

Why ACD/Labs?

Our customers are at the cutting edge of scientific research and development, and our software has been built with researchers in mind for over two decades.

We’re passionate about developing state-of-the-art technology to meet your evolving needs.

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Customer Reviews
The professional services team at ACD/Labs was a pleasure to work with and was able to develop a solution that exactly fit what we wanted to do. Not only have we been able to achieve our primary goal of improving our quality record, but as an added benefit, we’ve increased efficiency in the process as well.
Liam Robinson
Seven Scent
The software provides a platform for the paperless flow of information from raw data files that has reduced data analysis cycle time from more than a week to less than a day.
John Stafford
Eli Lilly
The big advantage of your software is the big ‘easy button’ for all predictions, where you just drop in a structure and hit go, then everything you want is right there.
Brian Dean
ACD/Labs software allows us to manage our analytical work with the great ability to solve structures of natural products often without isolation directly from plant extracts and also to create a database of our work, which is a huge increase in productivity for our team.
Dr Zarko Kulic
Dr Wilmar Schwabe GmbH & Co.
When compared with other naming software … the quality of names generated from ACD/Name is second-to-none.
Gernot Eller
University of Vienna


R&D sites worldwide choose ACD/Labs software


Of our clients choose to continue using our software year after year


Of the world’s top 50 pharma/biopharma and biotech companies use our software


Of the world’s top universities equip their students and researchers with our software