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Flavors and Fragrances

Process and manage the complex chemical data needed to create flavors and fragrances. Our software makes your lab workflows more efficient.

The Complexity of Scent and Flavor Chemistry

Flavors and fragrances are chemically complex. Whether you’re dereplicating natural product extracts or minimizing allergens and restricted substances, you need to:


Monitoring your products for quality assurance and tracking all associated analytical data


Tracking molecular composition through your research and manufacturing processes


Finding new scent and flavor compounds by mixture dereplication and structural elucidation


Protecting your intellectual property through patents

Process all the analytical data needed to assure product quality. Whether you use GC, LC, MS, IR, or another technique, you can use a single interface to analyze your data and connect it to its experimental context.

Work with our professional teams to build automated workflows that fit your equipment. We collaborated with a fragrance manufacturer to build an automated quality control system that tracked samples through their manufacturing processes.

Identify and monitor extracts. Characterize the chemical components of mixtures and build in-house libraries of compounds and spectra.

Trace impurities through research and production. We help you assemble synthetic, batch, and analytical data, so you can be sure of the provenance and composition of all your products.

Customer Reviews
“The Professional Services Team from ACD/Labs was a pleasure to work with and was able to develop a solution that exactly fit what we wanted to do. Not only have we been able to achieve our primary goal of improving our quality record, but as an added benefit, we've increased efficiency in the process as well.

The level of automation present in the system has resulted in a time savings of over 30% in the manufacturing process, and has ensured that Seven is able to honor its commitments to quality.”

Liam Robinson
Seven Scent