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Current Software Versions

What’s New in PhysChem Suite Version 2022

Version 2022 of PhysChem Suite adds new features. Read below for details, and contact us for help upgrading your software.

Select the Optimal pH for Chromatographic Separations

  • You can now use the pH selector tool in the Spreadsheet workspace to see the logD curve of chemical structures and find a suitable pH range for chromatographic separation of your mixture.
    • Use the color-coded plot of pH vs. ionic form to choose optimal pH for your separation
    • pH Selector is supported in all Percepta file types: standard projects (*.CHS), classic training libraries (*.PCD), and PhysChem history files in the Spreadsheet workspace (*.PCB)

      PhysChem Suite v2022
      The pH selector tool helps you identify the optimal pH for chromatographic separations—use the logD curve and green “suitable” zone in the pH vs ionic form plot to make your decision.

Import Training Libraries in All Major File Types

  • You can now import training libraries into ADME Suite using the following file types, in addition to SDF:
    • Tab-delimited text (*.TXT)
    • Comma-separated value (*.CSV)

      Import training libraries in .TXT, .CSV, and .SDF formats.

Ease of Use Improvements

  • We have streamlined “Context Help” to reduce the overlap between configurable extended tooltips and standard hints