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Supply Chain Management

Protect your product quality with chemically intelligent data management. Retain the analytical proof of quality with each batch.

Software Designed for Chemical & Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management

Pharmaceutical and chemical supply chain management has been increasingly challenging. This is due to the increasing use of contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), higher standards for batch genealogy tracking, and more supply chain disruptions. Chemically intelligent supply chain management tools help you protect the safety and quality of your pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Tracking Complex & Scattered Information Wastes Too Much Time

As batches are used in manufacturing, compositional variation can present quality assurance issues. Tracking necessary data involves searching across multiple spreadsheets and databases or asking coworkers and CMO partners. This wastes time and distracts from core business objectives.

Multiple Batches of Input Materials Compound Data Headache

Supply requirements sometimes demand the use of multiple batches of input material. Slight variations in batches can result in complex compositional profiles in the finished product. Supply chain management involves tracking each of these materials to ensure they meet quality standards. This compounds the problem of finding information relevant for decisions or regulatory submissions.

Analytical Data is Abstracted and Disconnected from Material Information

Supply chain material attributes are disconnected from the analytical data acquired to assess quality. The systems used to manage these disparate data types are not integrated. Maintaining supply chain quality and data integrity requires significant abstraction: exporting data from validated systems for stakeholder review and approval reduces productivity.

Spreadsheets Were Not Designed for Chemical Information Management

Programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are not intended to manage chemical and analytical data. Juggling spreadsheets for multiple manufacturing sites in support of a global, distributed supply chain can tax project teams.

Relate the origin, disposition, and composition of every batch within a comprehensive family tree relationships between batches. Visualize your entire supply chain quality attributes from start to finish.

It’s not enough to have analytical data; you need to be able to find the right datasets with confidence. Quickly track batch origins and fate of each material or batch by using built-in search tools—no more time spent hunting down missing datasets.

Juggling Excel files and PDFs can be time-consuming and potentially unreliable. Our software creates a digital environment where all your batch-contextualized datasets are accessible and connected to batch information. Share your data with partner organizations without compromising data integrity.

Customer Reviews
“Organizations can reduce the reliance on human review of data contained within documents by "streaming" data from relevant sources to a digital solution used by stakeholders in an automated and secure manner. For this reason, Luminata is designed to help organizations accelerate drug process and product development through data-driven decision support and aid in regulatory filing efforts.”

J. Spinner
ACD/Labs: tech can overcome supply chain challenges. Outsourcing Pharma