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Food and Beverage Chemistry

Protect Food Safety and Quality with Chemical Software Tools.

Bringing Chemically Intelligent Tools to the Food and Beverage Industry

Consumers take the safety and taste of their food very seriously. Maintaining quality in the food and beverage industry requires testing the chemical composition of your ingredients. ACD/Labs offers powerful tools that help you screen, test, and analyze ingredients in your food and beverage operation so that you can ensure the highest standard in safety, quality, and consistency.

Analytical chemistry is an essential part of food and beverage testing, and it helps monitor nutritional content, quality, and impurities. Unfortunately, analytical data is often scattered across multiple instruments or databases and stored in incompatible file formats, leading to time wasted on unnecessary data handling.

For more than 25 years, we have been helping organizations like yours standardize, process, and manage analytical data to make it more accessible. Gathering your data in software designed for analytical and chemical data means you will:

  • Centralize all your analytical data in one location for simplified search and storage
  • Work with live analytical data, not abstracted peak tables or pictures of chromatograms
  • Share data easily within your lab/department or throughout your organization

Novel food and beverage ingredients, including preservatives, sweeteners, and natural extracts have led to a revolution in the food industry, with a wider variety of flavors and extended shelf lives.

However, before being sold to consumers, new ingredients must be tested for their impact on human health and the environment. Experimentally verifying safety is time-consuming and expensive.

Predictive and QSAR tools are the industry standard in understanding the behavior of new chemical entities while limiting the expense of laboratory research. Assess physicochemical properties and biological endpoints quickly and easily with our predictive tools.

Fraud is a growing problem in the food and beverage industry. Suppliers may misrepresent the origin and quality of the raw materials they deliver to cut costs. Low-quality ingredients can lead to processing problems or compromise the taste of the final product.

The secret to protecting the integrity of your ingredients is data collection and management. Use mass spectrometry to verify the composition of raw ingredients and store your data in a searchable format for future use.

Customer Reviews
“At Onyx we have been using ACD/Labs' NMR processing software for the past 15 years and have always found it very user-friendly, providing good quality spectra that can be presented in a clear manner that our customers appreciate.”

Christopher Gill
Onyx Scientific

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