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Pharmaceutical/BioPharma R&D

Data informs decisions through every step of pharmaceutical discovery, development, and manufacturing. That’s why better data management with our tools will help you move therapies more smoothly through your pipeline.

Supporting all Stages of Drug Discovery, Development, and Manufacturing

You might be interpreting analytical data or making statistical predictions. Either way, invest in software developed by scientists to handle scientific data.

Our products help you:
  • Streamline your data-driven processes
  • Make decisions faster
  • Create regulatory submissions and reports more efficiently
  • Expedite development and production of new therapies for patients

How Our Software Supports Your Work, from Early Discovery to Post-Approval

Our software helps you manage your data and make predictions as you screen libraries, synthesize candidates, and optimize structures from hit to lead. With high throughput (HT) experimentation tools, you can design and manage library synthesis. Then use structure characterization software to ensure that you made the analogs you expected. Whatever combination of analytical techniques you use (LC/UV/MS, NMR, Raman, IR, etc.), our software lets you assemble and process all your data in one application.

Meanwhile, physicochemical property and ADME predictions help you focus lead optimization on the compounds most likely to exhibit desirable in vivo pharmacokinetics. Also, pair prediction with experimental characterization, using software built for metabolite identification studies and analytical separation development.

Finally, protect your intellectual property and register compounds accurately with our chemical nomenclature software.

We provide applications for critical drug discovery functions, including:

As you investigate effective API synthesis routes, formulate drug products, and develop process controls, our applications help you digitally document your process, share information across project teams, predict ADME/tox endpoints to focus or reduce experiments, make decisions, and assemble data for regulatory submissions.

Manage route scouting information, pre-formulation/formulation studies, stability studies, and metabolite identification studies with connected analytical data. Do this for individual reactions or with a high-throughput approach. Characterize impurities and metabolites with all the analytical data assembled together. Develop stability-indicating methods and document decisions made by subject matter experts (SMEs) throughout preclinical development. We can even help you manage your supply chain.

We provide software for critical drug development priorities, including:

Identifying issues and diagnosing them quickly is critical to minimizing commercial impact.

Continual monitoring helps you assure product quality post-approval. In our software, you can analyze data for all techniques and data formats, consolidate reference data in one application, and compare spectra and chromatograms for quick pass/fail decisions.

We can also help you track batches through the supply chain, troubleshoot when an unexpected impurity arises, and quickly access all the relevant data for regulatory submissions. Our software will help you confirm if an entity has been seen before; characterize new chemical entities and predict their safety profile; and access, review, and refine analytical control methods.

We provide software for your drug manufacturing functions, including:

Certain tasks span the entire pharmaceutical pipeline. No matter what stage a project is at, your team must:

  • Effectively manage and share analytical data
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Rely on tools that integrate with your existing IT infrastructure

We provide ready-to-use software and professional services so our tools provide value to your organization and fit into your current tech stack. You can keep using the tools you’re comfortable with while adding new capabilities to handle data across your organization. With streamlined data management, you’ll quickly gather all the data you need to make decisions and file regulatory reports.

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Customer Reviews
“ACD/Labs' software allows us to manage our analytical work with the great ability to solve structures of natural products often without isolation directly from plant extracts and also to create a database of our work, which is a huge increase in productivity for our team.”

Dr. Zarko Kulic
Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co.KG

“[The] Software provides a platform for the paperless flow of information from raw data files that has reduced data analysis cycle time from more than a week to less than a day.”

John Stafford
Eli Lilly

“We are generating knowledge too fast to stay in people’s heads. ACD/Labs has helped us create a repository of knowledge that doesn’t forget, doesn’t go senile, doesn’t retire, and doesn’t leave the company for a competitor”

Steve Thomas
Scientific Leader, GSK

“An automated intelligence workflow was implemented that has led to enhanced integrity and quality of compounds submitted for biological testing.”

Philip Keyes
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals

“Clearly the industry standard PhysChem prediction models and deserve the position. They are the most consistent predictions that are applicable and usable in more complex models of drug-likeness.”

Computational Chemist

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