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Chemical Patent Law and Intellectual Property

Write patent filings that are clear, complete, and accurate.

Addressing the Challenges of Patent Law & Intellectual Property

The pharmaceutical, chemical, and agrochemical industries are built on intellectual property and patent law. Without strong patent rights, it would be impossible for research organizations to remain competitive in the market. To maintain these intellectual property protections, it is essential to file accurate and comprehensive patents.

Our chemically intelligent software offers you peace of mind. Protect your intellectual property with patents that are comprehensive, unambiguous, and accurate.

Chemical nomenclature is rife with inconsistency. Chemical names in published patents are often inaccurate or ambiguous, making prior-art searches more difficult and affecting the vulnerability of new patents.

Molecular illustration packages are essential for drawing accurate chemical structures to ensure documentation is precise and professional.

Any chemical discovery is built on a foundation of analytical data. Support your patent with accurate and professional spectra and chromatograms.

Customer Reviews
“ACD/Name was temporarily unavailable for < 1 month when we moved to new PCs; more than 50% of patent attorneys noticed and complained during that time.”

Dave Ennis