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Chemistry Manufacturing and Control (CMC) Decision Support

Accelerate your development program by bringing your CMC data together in one interface with an enterprise decision support tool

CMC in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Development

Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) is ensures the quality, safety, and efficacy of pharmaceutical and chemical products. CMC combines the work of many subject matter experts, including process chemists, process engineers, and analytical chemists. ACD/Labs’ software offers a chemically intelligent platform to coordinate your development team’s activities and consolidate your data.

Chemists and engineers are managing more information than ever before. Analytical equipment, probes, and sensors generate data streams, which must be processed and sorted before they can be interpreted. Data coming from multiple sources is rarely compatible, meaning it must be abstracted and converted to a common format before it is analyzed, which takes time and increases the chance of human error.

Streamline your team’s work by consolidating your analytical and process data from anywhere in the world in one application.

  • Save time interconverting files to view experimental results
  • Consolidate analytical data in one application that supports >150 data formats
  • Track project progress across locations

General-purpose programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets do not understand chemical or analytical data. You deserve a program that understands your research and data. Transform the way you work by organizing data with reaction schemes and process maps built on a chemically intelligent platform.

  • Chemical intelligence—search by structure and build process maps to organize your data
  • Rich analytical data—not more abstracted peak tables or pictures of chromatograms
  • Dynamic visualization tools that give you the insight and confidence to make the right decision

Regulatory submissions are high-stakes and time-intensive. You need to compose hundreds of pages of documentation to prove that every aspect of your process is safe and consistent. Generating these reports takes hundreds of hours of tedious work that must be checked and rechecked for accuracy.

What if you could reduce the time spent reporting while increasing your accuracy? Reporting functions allow you to easily turn experimental data into regulatory documentation, slashing the time spent transcribing and editing data.

  • Use reporting functions to reduce time transferring and processing data
  • Improve data integrity by linking to third-party platforms such as an ELN, LIMS, or CDS
  • Compile data in a centralized reference—no more hunting down missing data files
Customer Reviews
“Having a set of tools that is specific to the work that we do is incredibly powerful.”

Jordan Stobaugh
Principal Research Scientist, AbbVie, discussing Luminata with European Pharmaceutical Review

“I was a lot more efficient [with Luminata]. I wasn’t going back and trying to manage ‘Which Excel file was that data in? Where was [the original data] actually located? Was this completely filled out or not?’ I’d say that I was 33% more efficient… because I didn’t have to keep going back, searching for something.”

Process Chem Team Leader, Top 10 US Pharma Company

“Using Luminata one person in two weeks did what would normally take 4 people 3 months to do.”

Senior Research Scientist
Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company

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