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Software for Chemistry Education and Research

Digitalize Chemistry Education

Prepare students for industry

Engage your students with demonstrations and exercises using state-of-the-art software tools and hands-on experience with real chemistry software.

Simplify lesson and experiment planning

Craft course material and laboratory activities that are educational and engaging. Save time on lesson planning with our reference, prediction, and structure drawing tools.

Present professional reaction schemes and analytical data

Create engaging figures, diagrams, and schemes. Our intuitive reporting functions generate spectra, chromatograms, or chemical structures perfect for presentations, assignments, or tests.

Software for Academic Research

Keep track of all your analytical data

Is your data spread across so many pieces of equipment and files that you can’t keep track? Use analytical processing software that works with all your data in one searchable interface.

Focus and accelerate research with prediction tools

Save time and overcome problems with predictive software tools. Understand molecular behavior with physicochemical prediction tools and interpret spectra faster with structure elucidation software.

Reduce the time spent preparing figures and spectra

Quickly generate publication-ready figures, schemes, chromatograms, and spectra suited for your thesis or next journal article.

Software plays an integral role in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical manufacturing, and academic research. Prepare your students for careers in chemistry by introducing them to analytical tools used in the real world.


Looking to teach your students how to process analytical data?

Give them hands-on experience working with NMR, mass spectrometry, and chromatographic data. Students can process, digitally interpret, and report analyses. Get a vendor-neutral multi-technique processing tool with Spectrus Processor or try our browser-based tool, Spectrus JS.

No analytical instruments? No problem.

Our predictive software creates a digital lab experience. Use NMR Predictors, MS Fragmenter, and Method Selection Suite to create engaging laboratory activities without relying on equipment.

Contact us for a Virtual Lab Consultation

Not sure how our software fits into your curriculum? Contact us and discuss how to integrate engaging digital lab exercises into your course.

  • Quickly generate spectra and chromatograms for course material or tests
  • Supports users of all experience levels
  • Import data from major instrument vendors or operate a virtual lab with our predictive analytical software.

Physicochemical and ADME/Tox predictive software provides students with a deeper understanding of chemical properties. Test the behavior of thousands of compounds at the click of a button and investigate how structural changes affect the real-world behavior of molecules.

  • Teach physiochemical trends with interactive examples
  • Reduce course and laboratory prep time with predictive software
  • Calculate logP, logD, pKa, toxicity, bioavailability, and more

Electronically record experiments, reactions, chemical schema, literature references, and other data with our digital notebook. Upgrade your research by organizing results with ChemAnalytical Workbook.

  • Link processed analytical data with experimental notes, observations, and interpretations
  • Prepare results for publication in minutes
  • Create a searchable repository of experimental knowledge for your research group

Molecular structures and reaction schemes are foundational to chemical communication. Used by millions of chemists worldwide, ChemSketch lets you and your students draw organic molecules, polymers, organometallics, and more.

ChemSketch is the perfect environment to instruct on essential topics such as nomenclature, stereochemistry, and organic synthesis. Teach through exercises and assignments, or let your students explore molecular structures at their own pace with our intuitive tools.

Best of all: students, teachers, and academics can use ChemSketch for free!

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Draw structures for everything from school assignments to patent applications
  • Generate IUPAC nomenclature for small molecules

Considered the gold standard in chemical nomenclature software, Name is the perfect tool for educators looking to enhance their student’s understanding of nomenclature.

Develop activities to practice converting between structures and names. Teach complex stereochemistry with the “hierarchical graph” view of each stereocenter. Use the dynamic naming display to deconstruct the application of naming rules.

  • Develop exercises to practice proper nomenclature
  • Promote accessibility by generating chemical names in 18 different languages
  • Simplify course preparation by instantly finding IUPAC names for almost any molecule
Customer Reviews
“We thoroughly enjoy working with the ACD/Labs Spectrus Processor package. It is great to have one user interface for all our spectroscopic data sets. Our level 3 undergraduate students use ACD/Labs Spectrus Processor to process their own NMR data, and they love using the package as well – it is very user-friendly, intuitive, and they continue to discover new aspects that we weren’t fully aware of.”

Rainer Ebel
University of Aberdeen

“This is brilliant for creating and predicting the NMR spectra of different substances. It is often difficult to design your own questions on this topic but this makes it so easy. I often create my own problems to prepare students for the combined spectroscopy questions which are common at A Level.”

Robert Webster
Secondary School Teacher
UTC Sheffield, UK

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