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Natural Products Research

Extract value from natural products with sophisticated tools for processing and managing your chemical data.

Natural Products are Complex, Your Analytical Data Handling Shouldn’t Be

No matter what stage of natural products research you work in, you share the common goal of maximizing the value of the compounds you find for minimum cost. Processing and storing your analytical data across multiple chemically-unintelligent software is antithetical to this goal. It slows down both research and knowledge sharing, resulting in decreased throughput of your natural products laboratory. Our software is built with chemical data and workflows at the forefront to help you efficiently access the exceptional chemistry in natural products.

Our software enables you to identify previously reported compounds and solve the structures of novel ones in record time.

Dereplicate Known Compounds with Efficient Searching and Databasing

Quickly identify known compounds from their analytical data with our advanced spectral comparison tools using internal and external databases including the PubChem library.

Solve New Structures with Confidence and Ease

Some natural products may be crystallized to determine their structure using x-ray crystallography. But in most cases, a scientist must examine various types of analytical data and put together the complex pieces of the structural puzzle.

For this kind of de novo elucidation, our software helps you make the most of your structural data (including NMR, MS, IR, and more) with our best-in-class computer-assisted structure elucidation (CASE) expert system. Structure Elucidator Suite mimics the expert spectroscopists’ process to quickly determine plausible structures using minimal data. This gets you to the correct structure faster, and more confidently.

Customer Reviews
“ACD/Labs' software allows us to manage our analytical work with the great ability to solve structures of natural products often without isolation directly from plant extracts and also to create a database of our work, which is a huge increase in productivity for our team. ”

Dr. Zarko Kulic
Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co.KG

“Structure Elucidator is a perfect software for solving complex structures derived from nature, it is easier to use and importantly provides solutions that otherwise cannot be easily verified by human knowledge.”

Dr. Jioji Tabudravu
University of Central Lancashire School of Natural Products