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Scientific Publications and Patents

Produce professional and accurate documents to share and present your research.

Improve Your Publications and Patents

Academic publications and patents are the heart of the sciences, but turning experimental results into a professional report can be one of the most challenging parts of research. Every chemical name, reaction scheme, and analytical spectrum needs to be accurate, clear, and engaging.

 Key challenges include
  • Correctly naming compounds with IUPAC nomenclature
  • Preparing reaction schemes that are clear and accurate
  • Generating analytical spectra to communicate experimental results
  • Your research work deserves recognition. Our software creates professional chemical structures, reaction schemes, names, chromatograms and spectra that you will be proud to share with the world.

Molecular illustration packages are essential for drawing accurate chemical structures to ensure documentation is precise and professional.

Don’t settle for low-resolution figures or clunky software. Easily turn your analytical data into polished spectra and chromatograms fit for patent filing, publication, or your next group meeting.

Customer Reviews
“We use ACD/Name daily to verify the nomenclature of submitted manuscripts.”

Richard J. Smith
Managing Editor, Helvetica Chimica Acta

“ACD/Name was temporarily unavailable for < 1 month when we moved to new PCs; more than 50% of patent attorneys noticed and complained during that time.”

Dave Ennis

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