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Analytical Lab Management

Digitalize, standardize, and automate for a productive and efficient analytical lab. Our software analyzes data from different techniques and vendors, creates reports with a button click, and stores your knowledge to speed future work.

The Efficient Lab Is a Connected One…Does Your Software Meet Your Needs?

To deliver quality results, your scientists and clients run many experiments every day.

People are the greatest assets in research. But does your technology maximize their time and expertise? Or does this happen instead…

  • Analysts jump back and forth between software applications to fulfill requests with multiple experiments
  • Reporting results to your clients requires tedious manual transcription
  • You run an open-access lab, but instead of a self-serve experience, you always need to be on-hand for help
  • Your team is continually interrupted to review, explain, and find results
  • Work is repetitive without getting more efficient—each request requires the same amount of analyst time.

We help you trim your workflows by fully digitizing your analytical data. Connect your data pipeline with modern software to work more efficiently; ensure robust, repeatable data analyses; and deliver results on time.

No more jumping back and forth. Reduce manual transcription and the number of software interfaces in your lab. Our Spectrus Platform applications contain tools to help you:

  • Process analytical data (LC/MS, GC/MS, NMR, Raman, IR, UV/vis, fluorescence, and more) from all major instrument vendors, in one application
  • Digitally interpret spectra and chromatograms with integrated chemical structures
  • Assemble connected data so you can make confident decisions about sample identity or quality
  • Create comprehensive, multi-technique reports with a single click
  • Instantly review and reprocess spectra and chromatograms

We have applications for expert spectroscopists or chromatographers and for general users. Make data processing and interpretation consistent across your lab to increase throughput and deliver high-quality results.

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Our applications don’t just store data; they store knowledge. Annotate and interpret your results, and save structures and experimental information alongside spectra. With everything documented, your team will enjoy more interruption-free time to run new experiments instead of explaining old ones.

Also, you never need to wonder if a problem has been seen or solved before. The answer is at your fingertips through a simple query. Search by structure, spectral elements, text, numerical values, and more.

  • Store live analytical data with contextual metadata (annotations, chemical structures, and chemical and instrumental metadata)
  • Provide on-demand access to analytical results
  • Deliver accessible, searchable knowledge

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Whatever the size of your team or lab, we have an automation option that fits you. Enhance the automated processing routines in our software, to match your workflows.

Save processing routines within applications

Reduce repetitive steps. You can save commonly used data processing routines to a macro. So, with the click of a button, every dataset will be processed the same way, every time. This makes data analysis repeatable and consistent. It’s good for science, and it’s great for GxP labs.

Build workflows that span entire labs—including open-access ones

Automate data-sweeping, analysis, and structure attachment. The interpreted data can then be flagged for analyst review or delivered directly to clients.

Get professional help to build enterprise solutions

Our subject matter experts will work with you to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency in your analytical workflows.

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Customer Reviews
“Colleagues who submit analytics jobs are able to immediately access all the data that is generated. At the same time, they also have the option to directly process that data using the same software. The use of different software tools for different analytical techniques is an issue of the past.”

Jurgen Bienert
Max-Planck-Institute for BioPhysical Chemistry

“ACD/Labs was able to develop a solution that exactly fit what we wanted to do. Not only have we been able to achieve our primary goal of improving our quality record, but as an added benefit automation reduced QC analysis time by 25% and resulted in time savings of over 30% in the manufacturing process.”

Liam Robinson
Fragrance Technologist, Seven Scent

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