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Our Company

For thirty years we’ve been supporting scientists with software built by fellow scientists.

  • Serving the scientific R&D community since 1994
  • Global sales and support presence, including offices in North America, Europe & Asia
  • A team of more than 200 dedicated and passionate people, including PhD-level scientists, and specialists in informatics and a wide range of chemical disciplines
  • An international client base in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, environmental, agrochemical, flavors, fragrances, government, and educational sectors

Our Motivation


Like you, we are passionate about science. It drives us to help our customers improve their research, innovate faster, and collaborate more effectively to build a better future.



We use the latest technologies so that our software can support cutting-edge sustainable science, and help our customers prepare for the changing demands of R&D.


We value, seek out, and nurture partnerships with clients, industry leaders, analytical instrument vendors, and industry consortia.


We are privately-owned and financially independent, so our only priorities are the long-term success and continued satisfaction of our customers.


We hold ourselves accountable to honesty and fairness in all our interactions and business practices. To always do what is right.


We are not content until our tools create a significant positive impact for you. Our passion, values, and vision only matter when they help you in your work.

Our Values

ACD/Labs defines success as exceeding the expectations of our customers, collaborators, employees, and owners. We strive for excellence, and adhere to our stringent values of integrity, respect, and professionalism. Our team members are accountable for their actions. We celebrate the diversity of each individual in our multi-national team; their ideals and cultures. We adhere to sustainable long-term objectives and practices. We flourish through innovation, are committed to science, and embrace opportunities. We are inspired to be our best, be creative, work hard, and to have fun on our journey.


Years of Innovation


Team Members


Customer Organizations


Countries with scientists using our software

Sustainability & ESG Statement

ACD/Labs is committed to sustainable governance policies that build an equitable and diverse community for a healthier, safer world. Data and IT security is also an integral component of our business operations and commitment. Internally, and in our partner, supplier, and customer interactions, we follow our Code of Ethics.

We are committed to reducing the carbon impacts of our business processes, as reflected in our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report. We are working with partners with similar commitments and support the sustainable market initiatives of our Customers.

ACD/Labs software solutions help our Customers achieve their ESG and sustainability goals including pollution monitoring and control, safer medicines, cleaner water, green chemistry, and environmentally-conscious manufacturing.

Our Sustainability-Focused Affiliations & Awards

Cybervadis Bronze Award 2023
Ecovadis Bronze Award 2023
Science Based Targets

The Executive Team

Daria Thorp

President and CEO

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Daria Thorp (President and CEO) brings to the executive team her prior career experience in marketing, sales, and business development with a number of international vendors for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and process manufacturing industries. With her Ph.D. in pharmaceutical chemistry and M.Sc. in chemical engineering, alignment between ACD/Labs solutions and customer needs is continuously in her focus. In her current role since 2008, Daria’s attention has been on ACD/Labs’ stability and growth, customer service, and operational excellence. She also continues to oversee ACD/Labs’ expansive international presence with current direct representation in >20 countries. An avid gardener, Daria can be found outdoors, in her scenic backyard, or going for long walks with family and friends.

Mark Meyers

Vice President, Global Sales

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Mark Meyers (Vice President, Global Sales) has over 24 years of experience in sales and sales management in the Life Science and Chemical industries. Throughout Mark’s career, he has been responsible for developing sales programs and business strategies. His initiatives have supported businesses to implement new technologies and applications that transform their research and development efforts. Mark holds the values of honesty and integrity at the core of his engagements.Mark has a Masters in both Computer Engineering and Business Administration from Loyola University in Maryland. He is an avid sportsman who enjoys cycling, golf, and tennis among a wide range of sporting activities and hobbies.

Andrew Anderson

Vice President, Innovation and Informatics Strategy

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Andrew Anderson (VP of Innovation and Informatics Strategy) is responsible for the stewardship of ACD/Labs’ product portfolio. Andrew and his team ensure that ACD/Labs’ commercial products meet the scientific, technical, IT, and business needs of end-users, their managers, decision-makers, influencers, and beneficiaries. Collaborative engagement with key clients is central to their efforts.Andrew started his career as an analytical chemist and regulatory CMC specialist at Pfizer before moving into various business development and strategic partnership roles at scientific software and automation services organizations. More recently, Andrew was responsible for technology scouting and alliance management at PepsiCo.

Outside of work Andrew spends time training for Olympic weightlifting competitions and furthering his culinary skillset—both cooking and eating!

Vladimir Shilay

Vice President, Software Development

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Vladimir Shilay (VP Software Development) has been with ACD/Labs since 1994 and actively involved in software development throughout his tenure. Vladimir’s focus has evolved with technological innovations and scientific demands: from early involvement with NMR predictors, to building a homogeneous software environment for analytical data, and more on innovative technologies that deliver workflow efficiency and unsurpassed user experience.Vladimir is a graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at Moscow State University, with postgraduate studies in organic chemistry. When not overseeing the programming and development of informatics technologies, Vladimir enjoys walking, cycling, traveling, and tending to his vegetable garden.

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The Evolution of ACD/Labs



ACD/Labs is Established in Toronto, Canada

With just 2 people in a small office, Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs) starts business in Toronto, Canada.



First Products Launched

ACD/CNMR Predictor, ACD/LogP, ACD/ChemSketch, ACD/Dictionary, and ACD/Tautomers are among the first products sold by ACD/Labs.



NMR and PhysChem Product Lines Expanded

ACD/Labs expands its NMR product line with ACD/HNMR Predictor, and its PhysChem product line with ACD/Boiling Point. The first version of ACD/Name is released.



Product lines Continue to Grow

ACD/pKa, ACD/LogD Suite, and ACD/Solubility are added to the PhysChem product line, the NMR product line is expanded with ACD/CNMR DB, ACD/HNMR DB, and ACD/NMR Manager, and ACD/Labs’ chromatography tools are introduced—ACD/GC Simulator and ACD/LC Simulator.



Waters-Micromass MassLynx Integration

Push button integration between Micromass MassLynx software and ACD/MS Manager announced.



Business Accolades and Awards

ACD/Labs is named One of Canada’s Fastest Growing Technology Companies by Deloitte & Touche. ACD/Labs also makes the Fast 500 list for Fastest Growing High-Tech Companies in North America.


Collaboration with CAS

ACD/Labs and CAS announce the publication of predicted molecular properties for over 12 million chemical structures.



Academic Site Licensing Program

Universities, colleges, and high schools are able to enrich students’ chemistry experiences by introducing them to ACD/ChemSketch and ACD/ChemFolder through the academic site licensing program.


Distributor Agreement with Fujitsu Limited

Advanced Chemistry Development announces an agreement with Fujitsu Limited to expand distribution in Japan.



Increased Software Collaborations with Vendors

Agilent Techlogies integrates it’s HPLC and ChemStation solutions with ACD/AutoChrom and ACD/ChromGenius software, while JEOL USA announces the integration of their Delta NMR with ACD/Structure Elucidator.



Shimadzu Incorporates ACD/Labs MS Software Tools

Researchers can visualize and interpret mass spectrometry fragmentation data thanks to the integration of ACD/Labs metabolite identification tools with Shimadzu’s high mass accuracy MSn data.


ChemSketch Freeware Enjoys 500,000 Downloads

Worldwide downloads of the popular ACD/ChemSketch Freeware reach a significant milestone—half a million copies.



IntelliXtract Captures Bronze in Pittcon New Product Awards

ACD/Labs innovates to deliver IntelliXtract, a utility to perform mass spectral deconvolution on LC/MS or GC/MS data. Launched at Pittcon 2006.


GlaxoSmithKline Collaboration

ACD/Labs collaborates with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to create a specially adapted algorithm for predicting solubility in aqueous DMSO solution, and related enhancements to ACD/Labs’ pKa and aqueous solubility prediction algorithms.



Scientists at ACD/Labs Co-Author ‘Most Accessed’ Paper in MRC

An article entitled ‘Long-range carbon-carbon connectivity via unsymmetrical indirect covariance processing of HSQC and HMBC NMR data’ written by scientists at ACD/Labs and Gary Martin, formerly of Pfizer Global Research, is ranked first on the list of Most Accessed Articles.



ACD/Labs 1H NMR Predictions are Made Available in SciFinder

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, announces that scientists worldwide can access more than 23.8 million predicted proton NMR spectra in SciFinder, its leading research and discovery tool and the authoritative source of information on more than 40 million chemical substances.



PharmaAlgorithms Joins ACD/Labs

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) and Pharma Algorithms, Inc., join software development and business resources to better serve the extensive Chemical, Environmental, and Pharmaceutical markets, creating a new leader in in silico physicochemical, ADME, Metabolism, and Toxicology screening and prediction.



FDA Collaboration

FDA collaborates with ACD/Labs to Develop Predictive QSAR Models.


ACD/Spectrus Platform is Unveiled

The release of ACD/Spectrus Processor marks the first deliverable in ACD/Labs’ transition to the Spectrus Platform. An all-in-one multi-technique analytical data handling and chemical structure confirmation tool for synthetic and process chemists, Spectrus Processor also enables organizations to increase productivity by leveraging chemical knowledge.


ACD/Percepta is Released

ACD/Labs’ industry standard prediction tools are re-launched under the ACD/Percepta platform. Reliable in-silico prediction tools for physicochemical properties, ADME characteristics, toxicity endpoints, structure design, and optimization are provided in one seamless software platform.



ACD/Labs Spectrus Workbooks are Launched

ACD/Labs’ innovative algorithms for helping scientists extract answers from analytical data are re-launched on the Spectrus Platform. The new products provide an intuitive interface to homogenize data from a broad array of instrument models and help scientists share expertise and findings within their chemical context.



Release of ACD/Spectrus DB Completes the Spectrus Platform

A powerful and unique database at the core of the Spectrus integrated analytical and chemical knowledge management platform is unveiled. Following a three-year effort, release of Spectrus DB completes the Spectrus platform by providing a variety of productivity-increasing enhancements, enabling greater scientific collaboration, and preserving analytical intelligence.



MetaSense Launched at ASMS 2016

The new MetaSense™ informatics platform delivers efficient, comprehensive metabolite identification and characterization, reduces the bottleneck of LC/MS data analysis, and facilitates knowledge sharing.


Launch of our Online Web Store

ACD/Labs begins selling ACD/Spectrus Processor and ACD/ChemSketch online to customers. 30 Day Trial downloads of both programs are also available from the store.



Luminata Launched at Pittcon 2017

Luminata™ offers a single system for organizing live, assembled analytical data for impurities within the context of a substance and the process by which it was made.


Pearson Collaboration to Improve Student Achievement in Chemistry

Integration of ACD/Labs’ NMR prediction software with Pearson’s online digital learning technology helps undergraduate students learn about the relationship between spectroscopic data and chemical structures.


Luminata Receives a 2017 Innovation Award from The Analytical Scientist

The Analytical Scientist names Luminata one of its 2017 Innovation Awards recipients, created to “celebrate the creativity needed to transform colorful concepts into vibrant analytical tools”.



Katalyst D2D Launched at Pittcon 2019

Katalyst D2D is a novel software solution that facilitates the design, planning, execution, and analysis of high throughput experiments, in order to optimize product development efficiency from “Design” to “Decide”.


ACD/Labs Celebrates 25 Years

We celebrated 25 years in business with various activities throughout 2019. Thank you to all of our customers, partners and employees for being a part of our journey as we look to improve the management and analysis of scientific data and research.



ACD/ChemSketch Records 2 Million Downloads

This free version of ChemSketch, intended for academic and personal use, has been accessible for more than two decades to students, academics, and scientists to communicate research and create teaching materials.



Spectrus JS Announced at ENC 2021

Spectrus JS is an intuitive browser-based, 1D and 2D NMR data processing and interpretation application. This new product allows easy access to ACD/Labs NMR data processing tools using any operating system and from any location.



ACD/Labs Partners with TetraScience

ACD/Labs announces partnership with TetraScience, the Scientific Data Cloud company, to help pharmaceutical companies increase scientific data effectiveness.


Committed to Climate Action & Sustainability

Our near-term emissions reduction target of 1.5°C, in line with the 1.5 degree trajectory recommended in the Paris Climate Accord, is approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.




A Collaboration to Support HT Analysis

The vendors will combine their expertise in informatics technology, analytical data, and high throughput experimentation (HTE) to enable cross-platform information sharing for automated high throughput data analysis of hyphenated chromatography, and mass spectral data.


A Leap in Ionization Prediction

Version 2023 of the Classic pKa calculator in Percepta® includes a significantly expanded training set for improved prediction accuracy, broader chemical applicability, and algorithmic changes that deliver impressive speed enhancements to this industry-leading software.



Structure Verification by NMR Partnership

The collaboration represents MilliporeSigma’s joint steps toward breakthrough innovation to make research and quality control in the lab more efficient and sustainable. The new ChemisTwin™ platform combines ACD/Labs’ industry-leading NMR predictors with MilliporeSigma’s digital reference materials (dRMs).


Software to Enable Workflow Automation & Digitalization

Spectrus Conduit is the first out-of-the-box, low-code/no-code application that connects, designs, and manages automated dataflows from analytical instruments and other data sources. It creates standardized, harmonized digital twins of the R&D laboratory, improves collaboration, and supports downstream AI/ML applications.