Frequently Asked Questions

Input/Output Formats

Q: What are the different data formats supported by ACD/Labs software?

A: A full list of Supported Data Formats is provided here.

Information about the different data formats supported by ACD/Labs software is also available on the individual product page. Please view our alphabetical list of products to find the product you are interested in.

Import and Export of MDL SDfiles, and Export of VRML files can be done using the appropriate ACD/Labs Goodies (included with ACD/ChemSketch. For more information click here).

If you need a different file conversion, we recommend the use of Mol2Mol, available from Mol2Mol 5.0 includes about 50 format exchange capabilities!

Q: Can ACD/Labs import UNIFI data?

A: We are working on the ability to import UNIFI data. At this time, you can export the files to MassLynx and then import into ACD/Labs software.