MetaSense: The software solution for efficient, comprehensive metabolite identification

MetaSense—The software solution for efficient, comprehensive metabolite identification

Automatically generate and share biotransformation maps—with connected spectra, chromatograms, and structures—from LC/MS data analysis

Greater confidence in your studies with combined metabolite prediction and data-driven analysis for comprehensive metabolite coverage.

  • Prediction of metabolites from parent structure provides a 'hit list' for faster metabolite identification
  • Application of the fractional mass filter supports data-driven analysis for rapid detection of unexpected/untargeted metabolites

Faster results, relief from tedium, and liberation from numerous software applications with efficient analysis of all your LC/MS data in one software platform.

  • Native support for all major LC/MS vendor formats provides streamlined, consistent data processing and interpretation on a vendor agnostic platform
  • Option to automate batch processing and interpretation of LC/MS data

Time savings with automatically generated stability and kinetic plots.

  • Automated tracking of parent and generated metabolites during data analysis, at each time interval

Relief from tedious, error-prone reporting with automatically generated biotransformation maps and exhaustive study reports.

  • Automatic creation of biotransformation maps—individual structures connected to all relevant chromatograms, spectra, and meta data
  • Automatic compilation of study reports with all relevant chromatographic, spectral and structural information

Faster answers to your questions, with access to 'live', contextual data, in one searchable database.

  • One database to capture and share all your study data
  • Unique storage of 'live', interpreted spectra and chromatograms (association of full metabolite structures, partial structures, structure fragments, meta data, and user data)
  • Instant review and analysis capabilities
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