ACD/Labs Software Release 2017.1

What's New in the Current Software Version

ACD/Labs Version 2017.1 software is now available.

What's New Under the ACD/Spectrus Platform

What's New Under the ACD/Spectrus Platform

A scalable platform to collect and unify chemical, structural, and analytical data and a foundation for producing intelligence-from-information. Updated products include:

ACD/Spectrus Processor—Analytical data handling and structure confirmation software for synthetic chemists and the gateway to the Spectrus platform.

ACD/ChemAnalytical Workbook—Multi-technique analytical data processing, interpretation and knowledge management software.

ACD/Chrom Workbook—Advanced software for processing, analysis, and management of chromatographic separations.

ACD/MS Workbook Suite—Simplify component finding and structure characterization workflows.

MS Structure ID—Add on to ACD/MS Workbook Suite to quickly search for and identify structures using an integrated combination of the ChemSpider database, structural filtering, and ranking by predicted retention times.

ACD/NMR Workbook Suite—Advanced processing and interpretation tools for NMR spectroscopists.

ACD/Structure Elucidator Suite—Software to help resolve unknown structures from experimental data.

ACD/AutoChrom—Method development software for chromatography.

ACD/LC & GC Simulator—Software to predict retention times and help optimize LC and GC methods.

ACD/Labs MetaSense—The software solution for efficient, comprehensive metabolite identification.

ACD/ChemSketch—A complete software package for drawing chemical structures.

ACD/Name—Generate chemical names from structures according to IUPAC and CAS Index rules; convert names back to structures.

Spectrus DB—Preserve and re-use live interpreted analytical information and derived chemical knowledge.

What's New Under the ACD/Percepta Platform

What's New Under the ACD/Percepta Platform

A platform for powerful in-silico predictions; ACD/Percepta is the next generation of our physicochemical and ADME-Tox products.

ACD/Percepta—Fast, accurate PhysChem and ADME/Tox predictions from structure; data analysis and decision support tools.